Low Pressure

High Quality Material:100% solid brass can be effective corrosion protection. Ensure Your Safety:Our propane regulator with hose has excess flow protection for your safety and will Type-1 (QCC-1) tank connect - fits all appliances with a Type 1 connection . 3/8" female flare swivel nut which has an outside diameter of 5/8" in order to accommodate for the flare seat Maximum 95000 BTU per hour - low pressure propane regulator with 2ft fiber reinforced hose for propane gill and fire pit table Easy installation - No tools required, tool-less attachment to tank Safety & corrosion resistant - CSA certificated - Pass CSA certificate for your safety. Provides secure, air-tight connection between grill or fire pit and tank, no gas leaks, ensures safety while using grill, no issues with regulator or gas, air flow is kept stable and at appropriate levels Fits most gas grill, heater, fire pit, lp generator, lantern, two burner camping stove, side burner, and used for most low pressure gas propane application...Read more

This 12' Natural Gas patio hose assembly has a 3/8" female pipe thread x 3/8'' female flare quick connect/disconnect with dust plug and cap. Most commonly used to connect Natural G 24 Feet Flexible hose used in natural gas or propane applications.160, 000 BTU/hour maximum capacity. High-capacity natural gas supply hose.Used in natural gas or propane applications. Functions effectively with natural or liquid propane gas; unites LP grills, natural gas grills and RVs to permanent fuel sources 3/8" female pipe thread x 3/8" male flare quick connect/disconnect. Attaches appliance to existing low pressure supply. Comes with dust cap and plug.CSA certificated - Pass CSA certificate for your safety....Read more

DozyAnt 12 feet Propane Quick-Connect Hose and Valve provide a quick connect propane connection to conect most low-pressure grills to RVs on-board propane supply. Very safe and con Solid Brass Pre-installed Fittings on 12 feet Propane Hose Extension. It has two fitting ends with female quick disconnect and male quick disconnect Connects to Low-pressure Propane Supply on RV. Perfect for your RV Grill, Camper Grill and other BBQ Grills with a Quick Connect Propane Connection Use with Most Low-pressure Appliances. This DozyAnt hose can be used with most low pressure grills to RVs on-board propane supply with a quick connect propane connection and heavy duty brass connectors Female Quick Connect x Male Quick Connect. One end of the hose has a female quick disconnect fitting and the other end has a male quick disconnect fitting Must-have if you're an RVer...Read more

Air Spray Gun HVLP Kit 2.0mm Nozzle Set Paint Touch Up Gravity Feed Atomization Features: -Precise stainless steel needle and nozzle set accommodate a variety of coatings. -Designe HVLP Spray Gun supplies low pressure through the air cap which makes the spraying softer, easily controlled and less overspray in high transfer efficiency. The Gravity Feed HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray Gun equipped with 3 fluid tips is economical. Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduces operating fatigue. Ideal for spraying base coats, clearcoats and other high-viscosity coatings. Suitable for domestic and industrial primer, topcoat and detailing for automotive industry, equipment and furniture paint applications....Read more

1/4" NPT thread fitting, Quick-Connect coupling for the low pressure propane system. With this piece, you can quick connect/disconnect the coupler on the gas line, and make it easy Quick connect/disconnect brass fitting to build RV's low pressure propane grill system Durable and lasting brass material Make it simple every time that the gas line to hook up the grill and it's that easy to disconnect as well This is for a hose connection to quick connect only, do not fit air compressor 1/4 inch NPT pipe thread, right hand threads...Read more

Hongso HRTA1-2 Natural Gas and Propane Gas Hose Assembly for Low Pressure Appliance -3/8" Female Pipe Thread x 3/8" Male Flare Quick Connect, (10') Functions effectively with natur 10' Feet Flexible hose used in natural gas or propane gas applications, Low Pressure Functions effectively with natural or LP gas, unites LP grill, natural gas grill and RV to permanent fuel sources The quick disconnect is a 3/8" NPT Female end. The other end of the hose is a 3/8" male flared connection. Used in Natural gas grill, portable heater,outdoor fireplace, smoker,fire pit and more. CSA Certified. Long-lasting brass fittings. Comes with detailed operation warning manual. Quick and easy installation...Read more