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128oz (1 Gallon) jar is great for many things, from fermenting kombucha, to canning, pickling, preserving to just storing. With the wide mouth, reaching inside the jar couldn't be 2 GLASS JAR - these wonderful glass canning jars are the perfect home for fermenting your kombucha scoby; perhaps you like like to use it for brewing sun tea or canning vegetables; wide mouth gallon jar with lid is ideal for multiple purposes; compare to Ball, Kerr, Bormioli Rocco, Kilner and Anchor Hocking mason jars WIDE MOUTH JARs - these 1 gallon storage jars feature a 4 inch wide mouth for accessibility; great for reaching deep inside and cleaning; especially convenient when canning, storing or fermenting FERMENTING AND CANNING JARs - also canning / preserving / pickling jar; ferment your kombucha scoby or kefir in this large jar; here is where your kombucha drink will have ample space to grow and thrive for supreme fruition; you can can foods like sauerkraut, carrots and pickles and let them simmer in this kitchen storage jar for up to a year; big glass jar is great for brewing sun tea, wine or beer BPA free approved caps are really easy to twist on GALLON JUG FEATURES - see-through glass food storage containers for cooking and canning is lightweight, easy to clean and not heat treated; constructed of USDA certified food grade glass to avoid absorption of flavors and leaching of chemicals; dishwasher safe; DIMENSIONS: 10" tall, 4" wide opening...Read more

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Tetra 1 gallon Hexagon shaped aquarium with auto color changing LED Bubbler. This kit features an LED bubbler that changes color from red to green to blue and every color in betwee The LED bubbler colors include Red, green, blue, and everything in between Includes: Tetra air pump, Tetra Internal filter, small filter cartridge, 3 LED airstone, airline tubing and airline connector valve Hexagon shaped tank with clear lid and feeding hole...Read more

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KEEP HANDS DRY and PREVENT YOUR TANK FROM CONTAMINATION PICK UP, MOVE, OR PLACE THINGS IN HARD TO REACH PLACES Description This 27 inch (70 cm) Aquarium Tongs is the ??PERFEC ?? LONG 27 INCH aquarium tongs for deep tanks and hard to reach places ?? KEEP HANDS DRY and PREVENT YOUR TANK FROM CONTAMINATION: Fish and coral are very sensitive to human natural oils and direct contact with them or their water can cause contamination and allergic reactions. ?? PERFECT FOR SPOT FEEDING corals, bottom dwelling fish and dangerous fish like eels and lionfish ?? IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF AQUARIUMS, fish only tanks, fresh water planted tanks (clip and remove dead branches and leaves), and reef tanks (move and place fallen corals) ?? STRONG AND LIGHT WEIGHT, 100% PLASTIC, ANTI-RUST...Read more

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT DURING WATER CHANGES. AND/OR: USE PRODUCT 7 DAYS AFTER WATER CHANGES. NATURALLY DERIVED FISH TANK CLEANER - NON-CHEMICALLY degrades fish wastes & excess fish food from gravel REMOVES COMMON AQUARIUM TOXINS - Safely and quickly removes toxic ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate MARKET LEADING 2-in-1 AQUARIUM CLEANER - The market's safest and most effetive 2-in-1 natural aquarium gravel cleaner that works in freshwater AND saltwater, saving you time and money EXTENDS TIME BETWEEN WATER CHANGES - Reduces the need for frequent aquarium water changes by naturally removing the organic wastes in the aquarium CLEAN AND CLEAR AQUARIUM WATER AND AQUARIUM GRAVEL CLEANER: Safely creates healthy and crystal clear water for your aquarium and your fish and helps keep fish tank decorations cleaner!!...Read more

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Vicks 1.5 Gallon Warm Steam Vaporizer with Night-Light 1.5 gallon capacity for 18-24 hour operation per filling and medicine cup allows the use of Vicks vaposteam or Katz inhalant Triple wall insulation keeps reservoir water at a safe temperature Large Night-Light provides added safety and convenience, particularly in children's rooms Automatic shut-Off when reservoir water reaches minimum level...Read more

Use your air compressor and this oil drain to easily transfer the used oil from the built-in tank to your own secondary container for effortless recycling at any height. Height adj Height Adjusts From 45" To 72-1/2" For Draining Fluids From Vehicles On Lifts (2) 3" Swivel Casters (Front) & (2) Fixed 6" Wheels (Rear) 15" Diameter Funnel With Filter Screen Regulator & Gauge With 1/4 Inch NPT Air Coupler Working Pressure: 10PSI - Gauge: Gauge: 0-23PSI In 0.5 PSI Increments...Read more

The Uniclife air pump is designed to oxygenate your aquarium efficiently and quietly with its low power consumption and advanced air compressing system. You are purchasing a high q Uniclife Adjustable aquarium air pump is suitable for both Freshwater and Marine Aquariums. 4 Watt, Exhaust: 2.0L/min X 2, Pressure: 0.016Mpa. Adjustable flow rate with 2 outlets, fit for fish tanks from 20-gallon to 100-gallon. Ultra silent, Minimum 25dB (sound like rusting leaves, ticking watch) in lowest flow rate. Comes with 6 ft. long power supply cable. Buy with confidence, if Not, Please contact us for a FULL REFUND....Read more

Our glass tops are perfect for reducing evaporation and keeping fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Each Versa-Top features a clear vinyl back strip that can be easily cut to c Our glass tops are perfect for reducing evaporation and keeping fish from jumping out of your aquarium Each Versa-Top features a clear vinyl back strip that can be easily cut to custom fit your accessories Special store use Versa-Tops feature heavy 3/16 glass with notched Corners for air lines and larger glass sections that allow easier...Read more

Description These CO2 diffusers in bowl style dissolve up to 98% of the CO2 running through them. Small CO2 bubbles are distributed in the tank and guarantee an optimal CO2 uptake Built in bubble counter Visually very appealing Efficient CO2 atomisation through ceramic membrane Improve the growth and health of your plants with sufficient CO2 supply 0.8 inch / 2cm diameter, designed for tanks below 20 US gallons...Read more

Eliminate damp air in your home or office with the PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier from Pure Enrichment. The unit's sleek, portable design is the perfect size to keep your bathrooms, c 2 CONVENIENT SPEED LEVELS: Choose from high and low speed settings to effectively extract up to 20 oz. of water from the air per day SAFE AUTO-OFF TIMER: 4- and 8-hour timer settings let you program the unit to shut off automatically to conserve power | Additional automatic shut-off safety feature turns the unit off when the water tank is full and to prevent overheating WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: Perfect for quiet settings like a nursery or office TRANSPARENT WATER TANK: Makes it easy to keep track of the water level and empty the tank when it is full 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Your satisfaction is guaranteed with Pure Enrichment's industry-leading warranty program...Read more

Innovative Marine ® - The Skimmer Evolved. Let's say hello to the NuvoSkim DC, the industry's first, energy efficient, direct current powered nano protein skimmer. Fewer adjustmen DC Powered Needle Wheel Impeller Pump. Suspended Pump Design. Foot print: 2.3" x 3.8" Fits all Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Desktop AIO Aquariums. Dual Silencers (Internal & External). Enlarged Air Silencer Box Noise Reducing Rubber Feet Low Profile Cup Design. Bubble Plate Diffuser. Drop In Convenience with Airline Management...Read more

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ILA1883054 Features: -Air compressor. -Cast iron, twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump. -One piece cast iron crankcase, thermally stable cast iron cylinder body. -Aluminum head and v Cast iron, twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump Dual voltage motor is wired for standard 120-Volt outlet and may also be converted for 240-Volt application 155 PSI max pressure for optimum tool performance 30-Gallon ASME vertical portable tank with pre-attached pneumatic tires, quick-set regulator, tank and working pressure gauges and on/off switch Maximum pressure: 155 PSI; CFM at 90 PSI: 5.7; CFM at 40 PSI: 7.0; RHP: 1.9; UL and CSA certified...Read more

Why do we recommend buying a LUKO dehumidifier? LUKO intelligent dehumidifiers keep the indoor humidity at an adequate relative humidity and prevent bacterial growth. Our compact 1. Efficient Dehumidification: LUKO dehumidifier use high-performance compressor dehumidification technology, with convenient built-in handle, 360° castors and a quiet fan. It removes up to 40 pints/20L(30?/86?, 80%RH) from the air per day and suitable for the spaces up to 45m²/500sq.ft. 2. Provide a Comfortable Home Ambient: LUKO can effectively reduce moisture in the air, inhibit the reproduction of mold, mites, bacteria and other allergens. Keep clothes, bedding dry and clean. Especially suitable for the bathroom, basement, bedroom, cellar or large rooms with poor ventilation. 3. Easy Operation: Just adjust to your ideal humidity setting, then let it run continuously until the super big water tank(1.5 gallons/5.5 liters) is full, at that point it will automatically shut-off and give you warn to empty the tank. This unit is also included one hose for continuous draining, so you don't need to buy an extra one. 4. Practical Function: This product have dry clothes and 1-24 hours timing function, with 2 fan speeds and anion to purify air. When you need to dry clothes, turn the mode to DRY(CONTINUOUS). When you need to have a quiet sleep, turn the fan to SLEEP(LOW SPEED). 5. Important Things to Know: We offer a 2-year warranty for every LUKO dehumidifier, and also provide professional pre-sale and after-sale service. If you have any questions, please send email directly to our team at: alison.willow@foxmail.com...Read more